Echoes From Gettysburg GEORGIA Releases Monday

Echoes From Gettysburg GEORGIA Releases Monday

Echoes From Gettysburg: Georgia’s Memories and Images goes into full release Monday. In the meantime, we would like to share some advance praise for the book from fellow authors and historians:

A congratulatory salute to J. Keith Jones for updating and revising his previous work from 2013 on the Georgians who participated in the Gettysburg campaign. This new work entitled Echoes From Gettysburg: Georgia’s Memories and Images is a significant update to those who fought so hard for their state and its cause. For instance, there were no images or maps in the first book but in this updated version there are forty-six photographs of individuals and locations and eight maps. A significant improvement from the first venture the author would agree.

Georgians were in the thick of the three-day Gettysburg battle especially during the first and second days and during the retreat back to Virginia where certain regiments performed as rear guards. The direct involvement by the soldiers of the ‘Peach State’ is evidenced by the more than 2,700 causalities including many regimental commanders of the more than 13,000 Georgians who were engaged.

There are many Georgia descendants (including the author) today who will be proud of this book that shines a light on their ancestors who gallantly fought and sacrificed for their state on the Hollowed Grounds of the most famous and well documented battle of the entire war.

Vince Dooley
Co-author of The Legion’s Fighting Bulldog: The Civil War Correspondence of William Gaston Delony, Lieutenant Colonel of Cobb’s Georgia Legion Cavalry, and Rosa Delony, 1853-1863
Former Head Football Coach And Athletic Director University of Georgia

J . Keith Jones has written a thoughtful work that collects an abundant amount of primary source material on the soldiers from Georgia who fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. The book is a first-rate study of the men who actually fought and bled at Gettysburg, offering an up-close and personal insight into why they fought and how they said the fight occurred around them. The accounts of the Georgians’ personal bravery and sacrifice are fascinating and inspiring.

Several of the veterans’ stories of death and suffering at Gettysburg are poignant and tragic. These recollections add an individual dimension to the grand battle that involved over 170,000 men and left an estimated 50,000 casualties. This excellent book is highly recommended to readers interested in the Army of Northern Virginia’ s Gettysburg Campaign of 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg, and particularly to the brave Georgians who fought and died there.

Joe Owen
author of Lone Star Valor: Texans of the Blue and Gray at Gettysburg,
coauthor of Texans at Gettysburg: Blood and Glory With Hood’s Texas Brigade.

The ‘Empire State of the South’ raised 66 regular infantry regiments for Confederate service; 39 of these units served with the Army of Northern Virginia, and 33 fought near the crossroads town of Gettysburg. The author updates his earlier work with the inclusion of images, detailed maps, and additional accounts. In mining period letters, newspapers, and other sources, Jones enables the reader to retrace the Georgians’ efforts during those fateful first three days of
July 1863. All with interest in the American Civil War will value this new edition.

Michael K. Shaffer
Civil War historian, author, and instructor at Kennesaw State and Emory Universities.

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