Five or Ten Minutes review on Civil War Books and Authors

While book-length studies of Civil War battles of all sizes abound in the literature, it’s only been over the past two decades that most of the engagements associated with the 1865 Carolinas Campaign have been satisfactorily addressed. In the late 1990s, a pair of closely released Bentonville studies by Mark Bradley and Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes told the story of that climactic battle for first time in detail. These were followed by a history of the Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads from Eric Wittenberg and Wise’s Forks and Averasboro studies from co-authors Mark Smith and Wade Sokolosky, all three excellent contributions. The Union march through South Carolina has also been more generally covered in works from Tom Elmore and Christopher Crabb. The latest addition to this list is Eric Wittenberg’s Five or Ten Minutes of Blind Confusion: The Battle of Aiken, South Carolina, February 11, 1865.

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